Salford Priors, Warwickshire

– x23 different ranges of reach arm mower
– x9 different ranges of flail and rotary toppers
– Specialist forestry and cultivation ranges
– x5 new all-terrain remote control multi-purpose tool carriers

– Full-time professional contractors
– Local government teams
– Farmers
– Specialist contractors

Key Markets
– Vegetation maintenance
– Agriculture
– Forestry
– Landscape and Amenities


Bomford Turner

An international market leader in hedgecutting, mowing, forestry and remote control vegetation maintenance, Bomford-Turner has a proud 200-year heritage as one of the most famous names in UK agricultural technology.

Based in Salford Priors, Warwickshire, the company offers a comprehensive product range of more than 40 diverse machines from small compact reach arm mowers designed for the amenities market to all-terrain remote control mowers designed to thrive on steep slopes and tough terrain.

With a customer base built around full-time professional contractors and local government green maintenance teams, machine reliability is a key to success, with any unscheduled downtime proving costly – both in terms of lost revenue and time.

That’s why the company teamed up with MP Filtri. It wanted a supplier that not only provided high-quality hydraulic filtration products but also thought in terms of solutions and continuous improvement.

Bomford-Turner service manager Mark Cresswell explained:

” The products we get from MP Filtri are much better than the ones we used to buy from rival companies – they are simpler to use, very hard-wearing, and I have never seen one fall apart!

“MP supplies a really good filter that is highly cost-effective and the support the team offers is unrivalled.”

Mark explained that MP Filtri excels when it comes to service – offering expertise and ideas and ensuring Bomford-Turner can find solutions when developing new products.

Mark said: “In terms of customer-service we simply couldn’t ask for more. The information you need is always available and MP Filtri give you a strong sense of personal support which makes you feel valued. I had more contact with MP in one month than I had in years with our previous supplier.”

“MP Filtri just seems to go the extra mile. On one occasion we had a minor issue with one sleeve so I rang (MP Filtri general manager) Phil Keep and explained and he came out and gave us 10 replacements!”

Mark revealed that MP even came to the rescue when its French distributor had a technical issue with a specialist build.

He contacted Phil for advice, who was able to supply a housing with an extra port which immediately solved the problem.

Mark said: “Phil solved the issue just like that and the customer and distributor were both really appreciative. It’s an example of why I like dealing with MP because the company is approachable and happy to help.”

Bomford-Turner currently use a wide range of return and in-line filters as well as suction strainers.

For more information on MP Filtri products please go to: or call our sales team on 01451 822522