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Contamination control technology is crucial to performance and can pay for itself in seconds – those who neglect it pay a high price.’

That’s the message systems training engineer Adrian Hudson of the National Fluid Power Centre wants to get across to every one of the 2,000-plus students the Worksop-based team trains every year.

A centre of technical excellence, the NFPC offers more than 200 courses in hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and control engineering at its multi-million pound facility in Nottinghamshire – teaming up with blue chip companies to provide expertise and hands-on training with the best equipment.

And while he is full of praise for the latest breakthroughs in contamination control technology, he sees the ‘human-gap’ as one of the biggest challenges the industry faces in getting across the importance of  oil and fluid cleanliness.

“We work closely with companies like MP Filtri to close knowledge gaps like this – using a range of its equipment to give engineers experience of working in real applications,” he explained.

“The students will go back into the workplace convinced of its importance and suitability. Many work with very expensive machinery and will see for themselves that good contamination control will pay for itself many times over.”

Adrian says the close partnership the team has forged with innovative market-leaders like MP Filtri has been crucial in changing opinions and highlighting the importance and cost-effectiveness of correct contamination control.

MP Filtri’s Andrew Maclean (left) and NFPC’s Adrian Hudson examine the ICM 2.0 equipped fluid cleanliness training rig at the centre

“The problem is that it can seem expensive, which is a major reason why it is so neglected in industry, but contamination control actually saves money because it keeps costly machinery running at its full potential and prevents expensive downtime and damage.

“If your systems are clean they will rarely break down, it’s as simple as that”

The NFPC don’t team up with just any supplier, they choose the best in the business – selecting elite equipment for specific applications. They use MP Filtri’s Portable particle counters, In-line Contamination Monitors, Return Line Filters, Pressure Filters, and Air Breathers.

Adrian said: “The technology is excellent but our collaboration with MP goes beyond that. MP is an expert in the field so we like to work with the company – taking advantage of its technical expertise and mentorship to demonstrate the huge benefits contamination control brings to industry.

“As technology moves further and further ahead, it’s the contamination control which sets companies apart because complex systems require exceptional levels of cleanliness.

“If you don’t get oil and fluid cleanliness right then all the fancy pieces of kit will fail and become useless.”

NFPC’s Adrian Hudson checks out testing kit in the laboratory.

Adrian and his team have an ambitious goal to educate the new generation of engineers on the value and cost savings of cleanliness, and see the long-term partnership with companies like MP as key to getting the message across.

He explained: “MP’s equipment, expertise and experience makes it easier for us to show this in hands-on training but the knowledge gap is still significant and is a challenge everyone in industry needs to face up to and address.”

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