Designed for permanent mounting on an ROV or other subsea hydraulic system to continually monitor the hydraulic system fluid for particulate and water contamination. Boasting comprehensive control and setup options, it delivers detailed fluid status information on a continual basis to the ROV control system for ultimate performance.

  • Prevents unseen minor faults from developing into major contamination problems
  • Provides precision fluid cleanliness results and pass / fail data for electronic maintenance records
  • Several modes of operation depending on availability of spare ROV data or analogue channels
  • Can operate as a stand-alone unit with only 24V power from the ROV
  • Built-in memory stores cleanliness test results for periodic download
  • Adjustable sample periods & test durations and triggered tests for pre & post dive checks
  • 24V power, interface via 4-20mA inputs or RS485 serial data link to the supplied surface software
  • Lightweight titanium unit weighing 4.2 kg in air and 2.3kg in seawater
  • Rated for use to 4000m water depth
  • Compatible with common ROV hydraulic fluids – mineral or synthetic based
  • Subsea fluid versions available
Precision LED Based Light Extinction Optical Contamination Monitor
Particle Sizing:
>4, 6, 14, 21, 25, 38, 50, 70 µm(c) to ISO 4406 Standard
Analysis Range:
ISO 4406 Code 0 to 25
NAS1638 Class 00 to 12
AS4059 Rev. E. Table 2 Sizes A-F : 000 to 12
Reporting Formats:
ISO 4406
ISO 11218
NAS1638 AS4059E Table 1 or 2
±½ ISO code for 4, 6, 14µm(c), ±1 code for 21, 25, 38, 50, 70 µm(c)
Test Time:
Adjustable 10 - 3600 seconds (default setting 120 seconds)
Moisture & Temperature:
% saturation (RH) and fluid temperature (°C)
Data Storage:
Approximately 4000 time stamped tests in ICM internal memory
Operational Modes:
1) Power only from ROV and unit pre-set for automatic monitoring. Results recalled at the surface by laptop accessing the data storage.
2) Power from ROV, digital signal from ROV to trigger measurement. LED on ICM will indicate Pass (green), Fail (red) or Low flow (amber).
3) Power from ROV and automatic or manual trigger (as per 1 or 2 above) but with 2 x 4 - 20mA outputs monitored by ROV inputs & displayed on GUI
4) Serial data control via ROV mux channel to surface for control & continuous viewing of test data via the supplied software.
120mm Diameter x 200mm Long
4.2kg (air) 2.3kg (sea water)
Ambient - 4 to + 60°C
Fluid Temp - 4 to + 60 °C
Material (housing):
Titanium Ti-6Al-4V with 316 Stainless Steel hydraulic ports
Hydraulic Connections:
Inlet / Outlet Ports Interface: ¼” BSPP(F)
Fluid Types:
Hydraulic Mineral Oil HLP to DIN51524 Part 1 to 3 Compatible Synthetics such as Panolin, OEST BSH 46, Kluber GH6 Typical Operational Viscosity Range: 12mm2/s to 320 mm2/s
Flow Rate:
20 - 400 ml/minute
Fluid Pressure:
Max 400 Bar Absolute 0.5 Bar required between Inlet & Outlet Ports
RS485 Serial Interface to included software or Modbus I/O
Analogue Outputs:
2 x 4 - 20 mA outputs individually represent overall NAS Class & % RH
Digital Input:
1 x Digital / Switch Input to optionally remotely trigger the ICM unit
Power Requirement:
9V to 36V DC, 40mA @ 24V
Power & Data Connector:
8 way Male Subconn Micro
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