Oil Sampling, Testing & Service

Where your business may be small or you do not have the facilities to analyse your oil internally, we can perform this task for you here in our test laboratory. Additionally, if you have a new fluid application or you are simply uncertain as to its compatibility with our product range, we can advise on its suitability.
• Fluid contamination testing outputting result in ISO4406:1999, NAS1638, ASA059 revE Table 1, ASA059 revE Table 2 and ISO11218
• Fluid contamination testing outputting result in ISO4406:1999, complete with elemental analysis and oil condition parameters
• Karl Fischer water content analysis
• Fluid compatibility & product suitability testing (on request)
Safety note: Please note whenever sending a product or fluid to MP Filtri UK for service we require an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) along with a completed COSHH Return Form to be sent with the goods. Please ensure that goods are suitably labelled and identified. Your order will not be processed until this important piece of information is made available.
To enquire about this service, please contact the sales team who can answer your questions.