February, 2023
Company Overview
  • Location: Carrickmacross Co.Monaghan
  • Type of business: Recyclable Waste Balers and Compactors
  • Sectors in which the company works: Recycling and Refuse Compaction 
The challenge facing the customer

The standard MacFab compactor range moved from manual to automated machines. MacFab also started manufacturing key components in- house. This ensures a quality product utilising high quality components.
On prototype machines MacFab noticed irregularities in the hydraulic drive. MacFab had switched from manual hydraulic valves to electronically controlled hydraulic valves and this introduced some challenges. MacFab called in MP Filtri to advise on oil and system cleanliness. 
The solutions MP Filtri offered MacFab System

MP Filtri visited our site and were guided around the factory to help them understand our processes. 

MP Filtri fitted an LPA3 particle counter to a machine directly in our prototype testing area and circulated oil in the tank only, the ISO code that measures contamination in the oil was higher than our acceptable limits. Fitting a 6-micron absolute filter to the machine quickly improved the oil cleanliness.  This was circulating oil that only included the pump, valve assembly, tank, and hoses. 

We looked at the valve block and the cleaning processes in order to improve cleanliness. Once this was achieved to a consistently high-level of cleanliness MP Filtri returned to test a second prototype.

The LPA3 was again used to measure oil cleanliness. On start up the ISO code was noticeably cleaner and using a 6-micron filter to clean the machine proved vital. Once the oil was clean and at working temperature, we ran further tests than included moving the ram. 

The ISO count quickly went above recommended level. It was slow to clean with the 6-micron filter. The only major component not previously tested was the ram and associated hoses. 

We improved the cleaning procedure on the ram and retested a batch of machines. These proved to be clean with zero failures in the field.

As a result, we have implemented strict cleanliness protocols in the factory. 
  • Each machine is cleaned using a special filter and the cleanliness code is recorded for traceability.
  • We have manufactured our own oil scrubber unit with an ICM inline particle counter to ensure clean oil is added to all new assemblies. 
  • We purchased an LPA3 to verify cleanliness at the testing stage. Each machine must reach a cleanliness code at final testing before it is dispatched to the customer 
The device helped identify:
  1. If we had an issue
  2. Which components were contaminated and to what degree
  3. If the filtration system was capable of maintaining machine cleanliness. 
ICM 4.0
The ICM 4 fitted to our oil scrubber unit ensures clean oil is supplied to our production line

Hydraulic filters
The filtration supplied by MP Filtri keeps our oil consistently clean in our bulk-storage and on the machines we build.
What improvements were achieved?
  • The compactors’ hydraulic systems are now virtually problem free
  • Warranty claims are nearly non-existent
  • Our processes have improved – saving us time
  • Our reputation as a quality builder in the marketplace is maintained 
The customer’s verdict
MP Filtri were proactive in their approach to help identify the root causes of hydraulic contamination. Once identified, they were helpful in offering practical solutions and guidance for both R&D and series production.

We would definitely recommend MP Filtri to other OEMs