April, 2022
Customer Profile
Pirtek UK Ltd is a specialist in fluid transfer solutions - offering expertise in a wide range of products including hydraulics, industrial and automotive hoses and reels, and pneumatics.
With 86 regional centres across the UK and Ireland, the company operates a fleet of technicians trained to the highest safety standards. Its on-call mobile units can normally attend a breakdown within one hour.

The challenge
Pirtek’s Technical Services Manager Ian Cochran who runs the company’s national training centre sees particle cleanliness as a key part of its service with hydraulic fluids monitored for particles to prevent contamination being introduced.
A compact, portable particle counter was sought with an emphasis on accuracy, repeatability, and a simple, straightforward learning curve so operators could quickly master the software without the need for lengthy and detailed formal training.

The solution
For Ian, MP Filtri’s LPA3 proved the perfect solution - weighing in at just 10kg and offering fast sample times, it delivers highly accurate 8-channel monitoring, with results and key information available at a glance on the LPA3’s 10.1inch full-colour touchscreen display.
He explains how the LPA3 now plays a key role in Pirtek’s efforts to combat contamination: 
“Every job we do, if we change filters, then the LPA3 is an essential part of the kit. Every system we work on, we use the LPA3 to verify the cleanliness of the system.
“It‘s easy to use, no hassle to set up and pretty much anybody can pick the unit up and within 10 minutes be able to use it.”
Durability and convenience are also key advantages…
Ian said: “It’s just easy and if you need to leave it on site to do a report, you shut the lid and leave it connected to the system - there’s no change of it getting damaged. With other units you have got to have the hoses connected and you cannot shut the lid, which is a bit of pain really if you want to do on-site testing.”

Customer’s verdict
Ian believes the LPA3 is an essential tool for anyone serious about tackling particle contamination.
He said: “I have used many, many particle counters and I think it’s the most repeatable, versatile unit on the market. I think my favorite thing is the ergonomics really. I can’t recommend the unit enough and I think the design team have done a fantastic job.”