Tank mounted return filter, filter element oil flow external to internal. Working pressure up to 8 bar (116 psi), flow rates up to 750 l/min (198 gpm), threaded connections from 1/2” to 2” BSP/NPT/SAE and SAE code 61 flanged connections up to 2”.

MYclean design (• Italian Patent: n° 102014902261205 • European Patent: n° 16181725.9 • Canadian Patent: n° 2,937,258 • US Patent: n° 15/224,337) to ensure machine reliability, performance, efficiency and ROI by guarantee of original filter elements over the life of the machine. Featuring patented technology, private branding, multiple port options and OEM specific design capability. Available in single or MULTIPORT configurations, with atmospheric or pressurized anti-splash air breather, snap attach extension tube, exit flow diffuser and an oil level dipstick with an incorporated mounting fastener for easy installation, the bowl and element are removable and prevents contamination from re-entering the tank during element change.

See the relevant table for fluid compatibility.

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