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ACMU: Auxiliary Contamination Monitor

ACMU: Auxiliary Contamination Monitor

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Features & Benefits

  • Self priming particle counting via integrated pump and manifold design
  • Variants for non pressurised/ pressurised systems of lube oil/ gear box applications
  • Aeration suppression, allows for improved contamination monitoring
  • Live real time monitoring

 Where can it be used?

  • Wind/tidal/wave energy
  • Gearbox applications
  • Offshore & ship systems
  • Lubrication & oil systems
  • Mobile equipment
  • Test benches

When can it be used?

  • Entrained air or turbulent flows
  • Higher viscosity fluids
  • Unpressurised systems

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Incorporating the ICM, the ACMU is specifically designed for viscous/ lubrication systems, where aeration is present.

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