FTU 080

Fluid Transfer unit suitable for filling, recirculation - via onboard 80l reservoir - and emptying of filtered hydraulic fluids and lubrication tanks. The FTU can be utilised either as additional filtration to a system with a high incidence of contamination, or can be used as a standalone recirculating filtration circuit to clean fluid to a predetermined contamination level - monitored by the onboard ICM - prior to transfer of fluid to the system.

• Electric control box
• Indicators:
  LMP filter with electric cut out switch 
  tank level gauge and electric level cut out switch 
• Nitrile seals
• Flexible hoses 2 metres long, in suction and outlet
• Inlet pump protection: 
  250mm suction strainer- metal mesh fitted to the inlet hose
  250mm suction strainer- metal mesh fitted inside the tank to the pump suction line 
• Delivery filtration: 
  LMP filter series 
  water removal “Spin-on” filter type
  standard “Spin-on” filter type 
• In-line contamination monitor (ICM)
• Compact size
• Easy to use and easy maintenance
• Reliable

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