GRF 503 / GRM 503

With fast cleaning times and the option of adding a state of the art ICM 2.0 particle counter, the GRF and GRM503 mobile filtration units enable service teams to clean oil and hydraulic fluids quickly and easily - protecting complex components, machines and systems from particulate contamination.


• Available with ICM 2.0 In-line Contamination Monitor 
• 50 L/min Flow rate 
• Continuous operation at 3.5 bar
• Portable 
• Water removal (optional element) 
• Quick and easy to set up 
• Compatible with Mineral Oil 
• Calibrated to relevant ISO standards (GRM only)
• Wide variety of communication protocols as standard 
• Electric control box w/pressure safety switch
• Indicators: Outlet filter w/electric cut-out switch
• Nitrile seals 
• ICM included for real-time monitoring (GRM only) 
• Data logging and storage of up to 4000 test memory results (GRM only)

Gear Pump or Screw Pump (for diesel)
Electric motor
1.1Kw, 1400rpm, 110V/240V single phase, 415V three-phase
Flow rate
50 L/min
Max operating pressure
3.5 bar
Viscosity range
Max. operation 150 cSt
Inlet Filter 250 μm Y type strainer
Outlet Filter 1/3/6/10/25 μm ß>1000 flow through the element Out/In Bypass Indicator set at 1.75bar Rating 3.5 bar with bypass (LMP) 1.75 bar bypass (MPS) Visual/electrical indicator (on LMP) set at 2 bar
Fluid temperature
From -10° to +80°C
Ambient temperature
From 0° to +45°C Protection Class IP 55 Seal NBR
Fluid compatibility
Mineral oil and diesel oil variants
Suction / Pressure hose
SAE100R4 1” swaged female 2000mm hose - available with lances
GRF - 92kg, 1151mm (H); 816mm (D); 544mm(W) / GRM - 97kg, 1151mm (H); 816mm (D); 544mm (W)
ICM 2.0 Version available (GRM Models)
Mobile Filtration Units - Brochure